Here are some of the talks that I have given in the past, or will give in the near future. Not all talks listed here.

  1. TBD, Amsterdam, September 2024
  2. TBD, Reyjkyavik, September 2024
  3. Colloquium: New advances in computer assisted number theory and arithmetic geometry, Potsdam, May 2024
  4. Conference on Modularity, TBD, GGI Florence, May 2024
  5. The Siegel-Weil theorem, TU Vienna, April 2024
  6. Eisenstein series over generic groups, and physical applications, Uni Vienna, April 2024
  7. Analytic number theory techniques for the applied mathematician: Rational point counts to Feynman integrals, Leipzig, March 2024
  8. Arithmetic structures in physics, U.Montpellier, March 2024
  9. Algebraic and arithmetic aspects of abelian varieties, (Potsdam Math Dept, Feb 2024)
  10. Arithmetic structures in physics, (AEI Potsdam, Feb 2024)
  11. Introduction to the Birch & Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture, (Cambridge, Oct 2023)
  12. Hyperelliptic curve invariants, Siegel modular functions and applications, (Cambridge, Oct 2023)
  13. The Katz-Sarnak Philisophy, (Tokyo, Apr 2023)
  14. Gravitational path integrals for N = 4 black holes, (IISc Bangalore, Apr 2023)
  15. Lectures on automorphic forms and L-functions, (ICTS Bangalore, Apr 2023)
  16. Gravitational path integrals for N = 4 black holes from siegel modular forms, (Caltech, Dec 2022)
  17. Zeta and L-functions in physics, (Lehigh, Nov 2022)
  18. Hilbert modular forms, exceptional modular forms and blackholes over the octonions (Cornell, Nov 2022)
  19. Noether-Lefschetz theory and counting nodal curves on K3 surfaces, (Stony Brook, Nov 2022)
  20. Application of mock modular forms in string theory, (Stony Brook, Nov 2022)
  21. Hilbert modular forms, Niemeier Lattices and Octonionic black holes, (Trieste, June 2022)
  22. Mock modular symmetry from supergravity, (LPHTE/Institut Henri Poincare, June 2022)
  23. BPS Partition Functions: From physics, to number theory, to geometry, (Hannover, May 2022) (Riemann Lecture)
  24. Hilbert modular forms, Niemeier Lattices and Octonionic black holes, (Tokyo, May 2022)
  25. The origin of mock modular forms in supergravity, (DESY Hamburg, May 2022)
  26. An introduction to moonshine and vertex operator algebras, (Hannover, Apr 2022)
  27. An introduction to wall crossing and Stokes phenomena, (Hannover, Apr 2022)
  28. An introduction to topological modular forms, N = 1 VOA’s and error correction codes, (Lisbon, Dec 2021)
  29. An introduction to topological modular forms, N = 1 VOA’s and error correction codes, (Vienna, Nov 2021)
  30. Mock modular black hole entropy from supergravity, (Munich, Nov 2021)
  31. Mock modular forms from supergravity (Nagoya, Oct 2021)
  32. Generalized Siegel-Weil theorem and holography (Lisbon, Sep 2021)
  33. Generalized Siegel-Weil formula, 3d Gravity, & Chern-Simons invariants (Vienna, Jun 2021)
  34. Introduction to moonshine (Istanbul, Dec 2020)
  35. Supersymmetric localization and BPS state counting in SCFTs (IPMU, Oct 2020)
  36. Mock modular black hole entropy from half BPS states (Video file) (Lisbon, Sept 2020)
  37. 1/4 BPS single center degeneracies from 1/2 BPS degeneracies in N = 4 string theory (Video file) (Rutgers, March 2020)

    A similar talk was also to be given at SCGP, New York on 17th March 2020 but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

  38. Dyonic BH degeneracies from Dabholkar-Harvey degeneracies in N = 4 string theory (ICTP Trieste, 2020)
  39. $\frac{1}{4}$-BPS black hole degeneracies from $\frac{1}{2}$-BPS black hole degeneracies (Stanford, Jan 2020)
  40. Wall crossing and BPS jumping in string and supersymmetric field theories (TU Wien/Uni Wien, Oct 2019)
  41. Towards exact holography for stringy black holes (ICTS Bangalore, Oct 2019)
  42. Towards exact holography for stringy black holes (IISc Bangalore, Oct 2019)
  43. Arithmetic chaos, zeroes of the Riemann $\zeta(s)$ function and topological recursions (TU Wien, Sept 2019)
  44. Number theory and geometry for black holes (Stanford University, Mar 2019)
  45. DMZ revisited: Comments on negative discriminat states and exact black hole degeneracies (University of Amsterdam, Feb 2019)
  46. Number theoretic aspects of black hole entropy (Uni Wien, Dec 2018)
  47. Colloquium: "Auguries of Physical Mathematics: What is quantum gravity trying to tell us?" (TU Wien, Nov 2018)
  48. Dyon wall crossing, automorphic forms and exact entropy of CHL black holes ( MPP Munich , Nov 2018)
  49. BPS algebras and Moonshine (IST Lisbon , Oct 2018)
  50. $\Gamma_0(N)$, quantum black holes and wall crossing (IST Lisbon , Oct 2018)
  51. Exact entropy and Rademacher series for orbifolded BPS black holes @ Moonshine (ESI Vienna, Sep 2018)
  52. The Mathieu 24 group and the elliptic genus of superconformal field theory @ Workshop on supersymmetric quantum field theories in the non-perturbative regime (GGI Florence, May 2018)
  53. Calabi-Yau manifolds and sporadic groups ( University of Vienna and IMSc Chennai, Nov 2017; Indian Institute of Science, Dec 2017)
  54. Some constraints on superconformal field theories with spontaneously broken Euclidean symmetry (TU Wien, Jan 2017)
  55. Helical black holes in $D=5$ supergravity with higher derivative corrections (Imperial College London, Jan 2016)
  56. Monsters in flatland [aka Monstrous Moonshine and AdS$_3$ gravity] (Ringberg, July 2016)
  57. A pedagogical introduction to the black hole information paradox, (MPQ Munich, March 2015)
  58. What number theory tells us about black holes (Ringberg, July 2015)