Philosophy of many things in general

If I am not solving problems in my office, you will find me either climibing up a mountain/ rummaging through some jungle/ surfing/ playing football/ swimming/ cycling/ running.

Comic nihilism and existentialism are my friends. See this and this.

Getting in touch

Research group: String Theory Group, TU Wien
Phone : +43-1-58801 Ext:13622
Email : abhiram.kidambi[AT]
Address : Institut für Theoretische Physik, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, 1040 Wien

Office hours: Currently out of office. Please get in touch with me via email.

Fellowship: I am currently a long term visitor at the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics . I was previously a Marshall scholar at the same place (2019).

Small bio

My academic worldline includes Bangalore (electronics), Nottingham (theoretical physics), Munich (math, math-phys) and Vienna (math, math-phys, th-phys). I am currently working on moonshine, string compactification and aspects of supersymmetric gauge theories in the research group of Timm Wrase.


I would categorize my research as "physical mathematics". See this article (linked) by Gregory Moore for a nice overview of what physical mathematics entails. My current interests are broadly on the interface of algebraic geometry, string theory, quantum field theory and number theory. Generically, they are:
  1. Moonshine phenomena
  2. String compactification and Calabi-Yau manifolds
  3. Supersymmetric gauge theories and dualities
  4. Black hole entropy in string theory and supergravity
  5. Topological recursion relations and their applications to physics
  6. Automorphic forms and the (geometric) Langlands program.
Some of the topics that deprive me of sleep are:
  1. Sporadic group symmetries in Calabi-Yau moduli spaces
  2. Number theory and arithmetic geometry of N = 4,2 compactifications
  3. Wall crossing/jumping loci and BPS spectra in supersymmetric gauge theories
  4. Relation between topological invariants, string theory and sporadic groups
  5. BPS symmetries and algebras
  6. Higher genus automorphic forms
  7. Dynamical systems and the zeros of $\zeta -$functions and $L-$functions
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Theses supervision

  1. Master's Thesis: Soumil Maulick (BITS Pilani)- Thesis title: Tunneling in cosmology via Coleman-de Luccia instantons (2019)