NAAPing Class Group

NAAPing Class Group

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Date and Time : 6th October 2021, 21:00 JST

Speaker : Theo Johnson-Freyd (Dalhousie & Perimeter Institute)

Title : A menagerie of $\mathcal N=1$ SVOAs

Abstract :

The Conway Moonshine module $V^{f\natural}$ is specific "N=1" supersymmetric vertex operator algebra; its name reflects that its automorphism group is the Conway sporadic group $\mathrm{Co}_1$. It is a supersymmetric analogue of the Monstrous Moonshine module, and a quantum analogue of the Leech lattice. I will tell you about some interesting subalgebras of $V^{f\natural}$, which seem to correspond to some interesting subgroups of $\mathrm{Co}_1$. Some of these subalgebras fit within a theorem about WZW algebras, and others fit within a conjecture about umbral moonshine. Along the way, I will highlight some of the techniques for building and analyzing SVOAs and superconformal field theories.

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