NAAPing Class Group

NAAPing Class Group

Working group on Number theory, Arithmetic & Algebraic geometry, & Physics


  • The aim of this working group is to meet regularly in order to work on problems on the interface of number theory, arithmetic geometry, algebraic geometry and physics. In addition to working group sessions, we will also have regular seminars/talks/lectures by members of the working group as well as external speakers.

  • Seminars take place over Zoom; Working groups meet on Gather Town or Zoom breakout rooms.

  • To sign up for this working group or to join the seminars mailing list, please fill out this form or please reach out to the email listed in Contact section below.

  • If you would like to give a seminar within this working group or suggest a speaker, please email Abhiram (see Contact section below).


Date Time (JST) Speaker (Affiliation) Title (click for abstract) Notes/Video
30th June 2021 21:00 JST Omar Kidwai (U.Tokyo) Topological recursion and uncoupled BPS structures for hypergeometric spectral curves Slides
28th July 2021 21:00 JST Ioana Coman (Amsterdam) Quantum modularity of 3-manifold invariants and higher depth extensions Slides
11th August 2021 21:00 JST Lea Beneish (McGill/Berkeley) Three perspectives on $M_{24}$ moonshine in weight 2 Slides
25th August 2021 21:00 JST Martin Raum (Chalmers) Divisibility questions on the partition function and their connection to modular forms Slides
22nd September 2021 20:30 JST Lorenz Eberhardt (IAS, Princeton) Worldsheet correlators in AdS$_3$ and Hurwitz theory Slides
6th October 2021 21:00 JST Theo Johnson-Freyd (Dalhousie/Perimeter) A menagerie of N=1 SVOAs
10th November 2021 21:00 JST Johanna Knapp (Melbourne) TBA

Times listed in the above table are in JST/Tokyo time zone.

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Number Theory, Strings, and Quantum Physics (2021)


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