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NAAPing Class Group

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Date and Time : 22nd September 2021, 20:30 JST (Please note the unusual time)

Speaker : Lorenz Eberhardt (IAS Princeton)

Title : Worldsheet correlators in AdS$_3$ and Hurwitz theory

Abstract :

We revisit the computation of string correlation functions in AdS$_3$ with pure NS-NS flux from a worldsheet point of view. These correlators contain all the perturbative information about the spacetime CFT and the existence of winding strings in AdS$_3$ makes them very rich. We propose a solution to the problem of computing these correlators. The winding correlators encode information about branched covering maps from the worldsheet to the boundary of AdS$_3$. Consistency of this proposal leads to many new and non-trivial relations for branched covering maps.

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